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Our voice response system has changed. Please view the new format below.

Automated Teller User Guide

Telephone Number: 804.285.3351
• To access Automated Teller select 1, For Current Rates select 2
• Enter Base Account Number followed by # key
• Enter PIN followed by # key

1. Summary Information (Acct Balance)

   1. Draft (Checking) Balance
   2. Master Share Balance
   3. Loan Balance
   4. IRA Balance
   5. Certificate Balance
   8. To repeat Summary Options
   9. To return to the Summary Menu

2. Detail Information

Balance, Last deposit/payment, Amount available for Withdrawal/Advance, Last Dividend, Interest/Dividend YTD, Interest/Dividend last year, Payoff amount, Maturity Date, Interest Rate

3. Activity Information

   1. Most recent Transactions
   2. Most recent Deposit/Payment
   3. Most recent Withdrawal/Advance
   4. Most recent Drafts Cleared
   6. Most recent Specific Draft Number
   8. To repeat Activity Option
   9. To return to the Activity Menu

4. Withdrawal/Transfers

   1. Withdrawal
   2. Transfer/Loan Advance
   8. To repeat these Options
   9. To return to the Main Menu

5. Rates

   1. Share Rates (Master, Clubs, IRA)
   2. Loan Rates
   3. Share Certificate Rates
   8. To repeat these Options
   9. To return to the Main Menu

6. Change Your PIN (Personal Identification No.)