Text Banking

To use Life Line's Text Banking you must have Text Messaging capability on your Mobile Device. To set up Text Banking, you must login to our Internet Branch on your computer. Once you have accessed our Internet Branch you must go to Preferences at the top of the page. Once there, go to Text Message Setup at the bottom of the left menu. You must enter the 10 digit phone number, without dashes, of the mobile phone you would like to use when accessing your Text Banking. Then select your cell phone carrier and click Send Verification Code. A code will be sent to your phone instantly via text message. Once you have received your six digit code, enter it into the Verification Code Box and click Finish Setup. You are able to set up more than one phone with this system. If you would like to set up an additional mobile device simply click on Phone Setup, under the setup area, and repeat the process.

On the setup page you will see a list of your Accounts with a Text Name Field. These are the default names in which you will use for each of your accounts when using Text Banking. You have the ability to change these names to anything you would like.

Now that your phone is setup you have the ability to access many different time saving features on your mobile device. To get your account information by using Text Banking you will enter lifeline@cuconnections.net in the contact field of your Text message. In the body of the Text message you will enter one of the following codes to retrieve your information.

Command Function
ACC Lists account nicknames
Alert Establishes eAlert for outstanding checks
Alert X Establishes eAlert for check X
Bal Gives balances for all accounts
Chk Lists the last few cleared checks
Chk X Retrieves status information for check X
Help X Retrieves detail information about command X
Info Retrieves a list of commands
Last Retrieves the last few transactions of all accounts
Last X Retrieves the last few transactions for account X
Tra X Y Z Transfer $Z from account X to account Y

* X in the above chart means an account Text Name.